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YII2 Framework

Component-based architecture PHP Web Framework With sophisticated caching support, it is especially suitable for developing large-scale applications such as portals, content management system, e-commerce projects, RESTful Web services. Learn component based systems like YII2 will save you in development time. You can then focus your energy to higher level such strategic and tactical tasks. After completing this courses you will be able to : Create end to end component based application. Create an efficient CRUD systems, Expose and integrate your apps with RESTful APIs.

  • A. Getting started
  • B. Application structure
  • C. Handling requests
  • D. Key concepts
  • E. Working with databases
  • F. Getting data from users
  • G. Displaying data
  • H. Security
  • I. Caching
  • J. Restful web services
  • K. Development tools (GII Code Generator, Debug)
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Kodenesia Co Founder

Gibran is software architect and Kodenesia Co Founder. He was create many software in various company including concrete, mining, medical, water distribution, and finances technology. Automate almost everything is his passion. Have strong knowledge in web technologies. Programming Language Agnostic. Very happy to teach everyone who have interest in software.