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PostgreSQL is arguably the most advance and powerful opensource enterprise class relational database system. It is the object relational database system and provides the most standard compliant system for the Database designers. It provides the complete support for reliable transactions that is (ACID complaint) where ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability. PostgreSQL used in various industries from Banking, Telecommuncation, Aviation, Automotive, to Space Exploration.

After completing this course you will be able to : Design good databases architecture, Setup & Config PostgreSQL, Creating and Managing Databases, Know how to Backup and recovery, Routine Maintenance and more.

  • A. PostgreSQL System Architecture
  • B. Installation
  • C. Configuration
  • D. Creating and Managing Databases
  • E. User Tools: Command Line Interface
  • F. GUI Tools
  • G. Security
  • H. SQL Primer
  • I. Backup and Recovery
  • J. Point-in Time Recovery
  • K. Routine Maintenance Tasks
  • L. Postgres Data Dictionary
  • M. Moving Data
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Yan Farmawan
Software Architect & Database Administrator

Yan Farmawan is software architect and database experts. He works as Software Architect & Database Administrator at Indonesia Biggest Concrete and Precast Company. He architecting the company apps & PostgreSQL database architecture for 30 branches across Indonesia. With his long experiences in industries and strong knowledge in database pattern, Yan will guide you to mastering PostgreSQL. He believe in critical thinking. "Ask the right question" is his life slogan.