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Frontend Complete

In this course you will learn the foundation of web technology and how the web works. By learning those two things you will be able to made a great web products. Starting from the web philosophy, you will then write a html pages, beautify it with css, and made it dynamic with javascript. At the end you will learn how to made responsive web design using Bootstrap frameworks.

After completing this course your customers will very happy to work with you.

  • A. How Browsers and HTTP Works
  • B. Document Object Model
  • C. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • D. Semantic HTML
  • E. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • F. Native Javascript
  • G. Responsive Site With Bootstrap
  • H. Visual Studio Code Editor
  • I. Automate HTML Writing With Emmet
  • J. How To Make Web Faster
  • K. Debugging With Browser Development Tools
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Kodenesia Co Founder

Gibran is software architect and Kodenesia Co Founder. He was create many software in various company including concrete, mining, medical, water distribution, and finances technology. Automate almost everything is his passion. Have strong knowledge in web technologies. Programming Language Agnostic. Very happy to teach everyone who have interest in software.