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Backend Complete

Learn how to design smart stack to provide fast and robust systems. Topics: Framework, Relational Databases, RESTful APIs, Caching, WebServer Knowledge, Message Broker, Authentication & Authorization Methodologies (OAuth, Token Auth, JWT, OpenID). After completing this course you will be able to : Architecting complex systems, knowing how microservices works, debug efficiently, integrating many applications easily.

You will also learn best practices and development ethiquet from our experts. Such as: Backup first development (You dont deploy to production if you dont have a backup. Its very dangerous to drive fast car without using a seatbelt). You will also guided to protect your organization from disastrous events such hacked system, broken databases, unanticipated big traffic, etc.

  • 0. Environment Concept (Development, Staging, Production)
  • 1. Development Etiquette
  • A. PHP, Python, Golang (choose two)
  • B. GIT Version Control Systems
  • C. Creating RESTful APIs
  • D. Authentication and Authorization with JWT
  • E. Learn how to manage Web Server (Apache and NginX)
  • F. Learn how to use Web Socket
  • G. Unit & Integration Testing
  • H. How to debug efficiently
  • I. Database Management
  • J. Continous integration best practices
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Kodenesia Co Founder

Gibran is software architect and Kodenesia Co Founder. He was create many software in various company including concrete, mining, medical, water distribution, and finances technology. Automate almost everything is his passion. Have strong knowledge in web technologies. Programming Language Agnostic. Very happy to teach everyone who have interest in software.