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Algorithm Design & Programming

Does your solution solve the problem ?. Does it use resources efficiently ?. If you write code that does not solve the problem, or if it solves the problem but uses resources inefficiently (for example, it takes too long or uses too much memory), then your code doesn't really help.

That's why we study algorithms. We want to know that our code is based on ideas that solve the problem and that we're using resources efficiently. And we want to know that our solution is correct and efficient for all possible situations, or at least to know that the cases in which our algorithm fails to meet these criteria are rare. This course will teach you how to design solution by mastering right problem solving technique. - Thomas H. Cormen

We will use Algorithm And Design Manuals by Prof. Steven Skiena as main literature.

  • A. Practical Algorithm Design
  • B. Introduction to Algorithm Design
  • C. Algorithm Analysis
  • D. Data Structures
  • E. Sorting and Searching
  • F. Graph Traversal
  • G. Weighted Graph Algorithms
  • H. Combinatorial Search and Heuristic Methods
  • I. Dynamic Programming
  • J. Intractable Problems and Approximation Algorithms
  • K. How to Design Algorithms
  • L. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Algorithms
  • M. A Catalog of Algorithmic Problems
  • N. Data Structures
  • O. Numerical Problems
  • P. Combinatorial Problems
  • Q. Graph Problems: Polynomial-Time
  • R. Graph Problems: Hard Problems
  • S. Computational Geometry
  • T. Set and String Problems
  • U. Algorithmic Resources.
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Yanmarshus Bachtiar
Founder Of Kodenesia

Yanmarshus best known for being the founder of kodenesia. He is the author of popular programming books - Kodenesia - 71 Soal Algoritma Dasar. He also works as Assistant Professor at CCROM IPB, focusing to build decision-relevant information on predicting forecast fire activity in Indonesia. Just drop problem to him, No matter how difficult it is - he will always find a way to solve it.